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Project Overview

Project Balance was engaged to design and develop an eCommerce platform where individuals seeking to hire caregivers can find and hire them through the Well Beyond Care website with the help of a nurse navigator. Careseekers and caregivers enter their profile information and through a matching algorithm, the system identifies the best matched caregivers based on skills, experience, driving distance and cost criteria. Careseekers connect, interview, schedule and hire one or more caregivers through the site. Ongoing scheduling with care plans as well as all payment processing is done through the site. The site provides services across the United States, including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.


Project Balance worked closely with the company owners to produce a highly process oriented website application that guides the careseeker through the stages of connecting, interviewing, background check and hiring a caregiver. As users are public consumers with no prior training in how to use the application, the application is highly transactional in nature and at each step in the hiring process the careseeker and connected caregiver are given instructions on what to do and how to do it on the website.

Once hired a caregiver is hired, the application provides scheduling and care plan features as well as billing and payment features. Application data security allows careseekers to have an administrator who can oversee the entire process remotely. The software has been enhanced since first delivery to allow organizations such as private duty agencies to use all of the caregiver profile, matching, care plan and back office billing features for increased efficiencies.


  • .Net/C#
  • MS SQL database
  • Bootstrap
  • Stripe
  • SendGrid
  • Azure Cloud Storage


System performance was a system architecture concern right for the beginning of the project. This is a consumer facing application with thousands of users and transactions, and it was imperative that the application was not lethargic. The selection of underlying architecture and database was selected to meet the current and future needs of the application.

Prior to this project, Project Balance did not have experience with credit card and banking processes. The application is fully integrated with the Stripe API for real-time and scheduled preauthorization of funds on credit cards, charging credit cards and ACH deposits into bank accounts. Financial aspects such as minimum wage, federal and state income taxes and non-taxable expense items are seamlessly working within the application.


After 2 earlier attempts with other US venders, Project Balance delivered the MVP product within 10 months from project initiation. The product has since been enhanced to include configuration for organizations, a customer relationship management dashboard for nurse navigator and detailed transactional messaging to careseekers, caregivers, nurse managers and administrators. Project Balance continues to provide software development services to Well Beyond Care.


“There is an old saying, ‘The third time is the charm,’ and in my company’s case it is true. Prior to working with Project Balance, Well Beyond Care had engaged with two other vendors to develop a revolutionary caregiving app, but unfortunately both of them failed to deliver to specifications. So, after a great deal of time and capital spent, we were in a bind and fortunately were referred to Project Balance. Not only did they deliver a superior product, they did it within the time and monetary constraints place upon them. They approached the problem as engineers first, and software developers second, resulting in a very fine solution.”

Jeffrey Fry | CEO, Well Beyond Care