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Project Balance designs and develops Business-to-Consumer eCommerce applications, for both PC and mobile. Our consumer facing applications collect personal, commodity and financial data, perform matching algorithms and display the status of purchases for users. We have graphic designers that structure consumer-facing applications so that they are intuitive to use and professional looking.

We have expertise in credit card and banking transactions/processing using Stripe and Dwolla, including preauthorization of funds and running credit card transactions for recurring purchases. We use SendGrid extensively for email and text messaging to the consumer and administrators. Our eCommerce applications also provide sophisticated customer relationship and accounting management features for business administrators. Administrators can quickly see the status of an account and all of its underlying data.

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Well Beyond Care Case Study

Well Beyond Care InterfaceProject Balance was engaged to design and develop an eCommerce platform where individuals seeking to hire caregivers can find and hire them through the Well Beyond Care website with the help of a nurse navigator…

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