Data Warehousing

Project Balance specializes in building data-centric systems with databases or data warehouses at their core. We work closely with you to define a data model that allows you to find answers about your business and make evidence-based decisions. Project Balance has experience designing data warehouses of all sizes and using structures such as Snowflake or Star schemas. A well-designed data warehouse masks the complexity of the source data allowing users to easily understand data relationships and effectively use their data.

Data Warehouse Development and Design

Developing a data warehouse, whether for your business or for a national organization involves understanding use cases, analyzing data inputs and output and investigate how the data is intended to be used. The design process is labor intensive and detailed, and requires strong engineering skills. Project Balance has implemented many data centric systems and can expertly navigate your team through the entire process.

Data Warehouse Architecture

It’s not unusual for organizations to want to pull together data sources from a wide range of information systems to support decision-making. Project Balance organizes this disjointed data environment and integrates it into a well-structured data warehouse. We first hold a requirements workshop (in person or remote) with key stakeholders to review and document where the data resides, how it’s transformed by users and the kinds of reports or visualizations end-users build with the data. This requirements step produces a vision for the warehouse, a high-level architectural design, data sets, and business rules for reports and visualizations. Armed with this user information, we detail out the data model and manually build it. We then develop ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) scripts to automate the data refresh process from source systems to the data warehouse.

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)

A key component of building a data warehouse is the mapping and scripting process that moves data from sources systems, applies business rules to clean or transform the data and loads data into the data warehouse structure. Our business analysts work with you to detail the transformation business rules and our programmers create script packages that refresh data warehouse databases as per the needs of the project. Project Balance have ETL specialist on staff who know how to write optimized ETL scripts. We have experience with handling large volumes of data and know how to optimize database transactions for good performance.

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