Data Visualization

Good data visualizations tell a story about your business metrics and performance. Project Balance business analysts work with you to understand the kinds of decision-making tools you need and expertly designs visualizations and dashboards that are appropriate for the selected data. We have experience developing both static and interactive visualizations across multiple mediums including: dashboard, graphs, videos, maps, infographics and reports. We leverage business intelligence tools such as Power BI, Tableau, and Infoveave to effectively present data with filters and drill downs to record level details. Data sources can vary from Excel workbooks to fully articulated data warehouses.

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Key Tenants

  • Visualizations are dependent on high quality data
  • Visualizations lead to action
  • Visualizations should improve access to information
  • Visualizations present complex data in a comprehensible format

We encourage our clients to share as much data and data visualizations with staff or partners, especially with those individuals who have collected that data to “close the loop”. By having easy access to clean and accurate data, the impact can be significant – from better patient management to more informed program management. Project Balance enables organizations to bring needed information to their workers in a systematic way.

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