Our Company Mission

To enable organizations through agile project management, development of strategic programs, innovative system design and flawless execution. We produce successful outcomes because we focus on project execution and the accomplishments of our customers.

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About Our Company

Project Balance is a women-owned software services company with a State of Texas Historically Underutilized Business designation. Founded in 2003, we are passionate about helping clients meet their business goals with the aid of technology solutions.

We have expertise in software solutions, system architecture and software programming with specialties in data warehousing design and development and data visualization. We take pride in delivering well engineered and well tested products. At Project Balance we use both tradition project management techniques and agile software development approaches to reduce project risk and increase success.

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Who We Are

Project Balance has office locations in Austin, Texas, the Greater Boston area and East London, South Africa. Our management team has worked together for over 15 years. Our team consists of mid and senior level engineers, software developers, testers and project managers. Our team members are adept at working remotely and travel globally to meet the needs of our clients.

Project Balance aligns with small and medium sized companies around the globe. We work with international organizations and we have managed offshore software development teams.

What Drives Us

Our success is founded on our responsive and collaborative approach to communication, our extensive experience in risk management, and our commitment to integrating the customer into all stages of the product development lifecycle.

The quality of our work is excellent. We carefully create well engineered solutions that exceed expectations and bring high business value to users. Our user-centric design produces usable and sustainable software products.

Community TechKnowledge Testimonial

“Project Balance helped us get Apricot, our flagship product, off the ground. They validated requirements, worked with our development team to design a user friendly application, and helped us define a QA process. Without Project Balance’s continued diligence the implementation of this key project would have been delayed.”

Kathryn Engelhardt-Cronk | CEO/President

Community TechKnowledge

Well Beyond Care Testimonial

“There is an old saying, ‘The third time is the charm,’ and in my company’s case it is true. Prior to working with Project Balance, Well Beyond Care had engaged with two other vendors to develop a revolutionary caregiving app, but unfortunately both of them failed to deliver to specifications. So, after a great deal of time and capital spent, we were in a bind and fortunately were referred to Project Balance. Not only did they deliver a superior product, they did it within the time and monetary constraints placed upon them. They approached the problem as engineers first, and software developers second, resulting in a very fine solution.”

Jeffrey Fry | CEO

Well Beyond Care

DAI Global Health, Washington DC Testimonial

“I have worked with Project Balance since 2005 and their project management, business analysis, system interoperability, and testing expertise have led to positive outcomes and results across multiple projects. When we have a critical deadline or major enhancement we rely on Project Balance to support our teams to complete the activity successfully with excellent results.”

Bobby Jefferson | Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

DAI Global Health, Washington DC

IBM China Development Lab Testimonial

“Project Balance helped us get a project management office off of the ground efficiently and smoothly with great results.”

Daniel Q. Chen (陈 琦 程) | Executive

IBM China Development Lab, Telecom Solution Center, Beijing

Federal Ministry of Health, Nigeria Testimonial

“Project Balance has been instrumental in the design, development and management of the Nigeria National Data Repository. They have worked seamlessly with the prime, Futures Group, and key stakeholders to understand the government needs and ensure the requirements were documented and approved before beginning development. Project Balance has a strong focus on data quality and knows how to manage and analyze big data.”

Nancy Ese Nelson-Twakor

Federal Ministry of Health, Nigeria

Arch Re North America Testimonial

“Project Balance was instrumental in helping Arch Re Fac transform our data into insight and insight into action. They led interactive requirements workshops and worked closely with our subject matter experts to design and develop a data warehouse with Power BI analytics. We went from spending days and weeks preparing reports, to seconds. Project Balance made sense of our data and created visualizations used at all levels of the organization – from the executive level to assistant underwriters. They put us on the path of turning our data into an asset, leveraged everyday by our underwriters for making informed business decisions.”

Ken Vivian | Chief Executive Officer

Arch Re North America

Stacey Berlow (Managing Partner)

Stacey Berlow | Managing Partner

Stacey founded Project Balance in 2003 and has helped companies successfully and cost-effectively realize their business goals in the United States, China, and Africa. Stacey is certified PMI Project Management Professional as well as an PMI Agile Certified Professional and Scum Master. She has managed multi-million, large-scale, multinational, and offshore IT development projects. Stacey holds Engineering and Operations Research Master Degrees from Cornell and Columbia Universities. She has published a broad array of articles on product and project development and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and other engagements. Stacey lives in Austin, TX and is an avid Austin music fan.

[email protected] | 914.659.0078 | LinkedIn

Lanette Burrows | Managing Partner

Lanette joined Project Balance in 2014 and brings over 20 years of experience including approximately 3 years of overseas, in-country experience. She is a PMP credentialed Project Director and provides leadership in program development and management, information, communication and technology, public health, and organizational support to international USG-funded programs and private companies. Lanette manages projects ranging from small, short-term activities to multi-million, multi-country projects. She provides technical leadership in monitoring and evaluation, informatics, and project management – she loves to explore data and find meaningful ways to help clients interrupt and make decisions based on evidence. Lanette was a Peace Corps volunteer in Burkina Faso and earned her masters in public health from Johns Hopkins University. When at home, Lanette can be found playing sports with her kids or out with her husband walking their two dogs.

[email protected] | 617.270.4529 | LinkedIn

Lanette Burrows (Managing Partner)
Ed Robinson (Technical Director)

Edward Robinson | Technical Director

Edward is an information systems expert with 25 years’ experience in the information technology sector including 16 in international development across multiple countries in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. Ed is a true innovator, bringing excellence in system and software architecture and developing software products that work. Ed has experience in the private and public sector including healthcare, education, agriculture and social services. As a DIY enthusiast, maker and keen herpetologist, when not in the office, Ed can be found at home building gadgets and tinkering with electronics or in the African bushveld hiking and hunting snakes.

[email protected] | +27 74.587.6667 | LinkedIn