PC & Mobile Software Development

Project Balance excels at software development and it is central to almost every project in our portfolio. The key to the success of our software development work is including you and team stakeholders in project decision-making throughout the project, starting from requirements gathering through to end user training. We follow the Principles for Digital Development and with special focus on user-centric design. We encourage our development team to interact directly with end users so that they can really understand the goals and needs of the client and build products that truly meet your needs.

Project Balance is involved in many projects where personal identifiable information (PII) such as a person’s name, address or social security number, is collected and stored. We make efforts to protect sensitive data from setting up role-based user access as part of a software product to encryption of data during transport and at rest. We follow the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) guidelines which minimize security exposures.

Our team has experience in both Microsoft and Open Source development stacks on Microsoft or Unix/Linux operating systems. We build using the technology that works best for your environment and organization goals.

Agile Approach

For all of our projects, Project Balance follows agile software development principles that emphasize close communication and collaboration with the client, demonstrable software at each phase, and responding to change to optimize business value. For single software tool development, we gather all of the requirements upfront and then split up the development into discrete iterations with demonstrable deliverables. For ongoing projects that may span several years, we plan for a 4-6-month development horizon with periodic product updates/deployments.

We know that communication with clients about project status, deliverables and challenges through schedule documentation and mid-project demonstrations is essential for establishing a team oriented and innovative environment for optimal productivity.

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