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MER Mobile App

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Project Overview

Digital Square required a mobile application for USAID South Africa that provides the most current version of PEPFAR’s monitoring, evaluation, and reporting (MER) reference guide for its implementing partners, with specific South African indicator information. The application must be available to download so that the content can be used and searched in an offline-mode.


Project Balance built a mobile application that holds all of the South African specific PEPFAR MER guidelines as well as reference maps displaying information about PEFPFAR provincial and district support by agency and implementing partner. Users access and refresh the most up-to-date PEPFAR guidelines to their mobile devices via the internet on iPhones and Android devices. Once downloaded and in an offline-mode, users can browse and search the MER indicators, regional and district population statistics on a map display and an events calendar. The user interface is intuitive to use and color coded to match the MER PEPFAR guide.


  • Contentful Headless Content Management
  • NodeJS
  • Excel Upload Template


The ability for non-technical users to update the PEPFAR guidelines and the map statistics was an important requirement. Using a small desktop application, users can enter directly, or upload content updates, which then transfer via API to the mobile content manager.

USAID hoped that this application would become a Global Good and other countries, possibly with different languages, could upload their country specific MER PEPFAR guidelines to this application. The application was designed to allow for different country-language sets to be easily uploaded to the application.