Project Balance joins World Vision on MERL panel


MERL TECH LogoProject Balance will be joining Yeva Avakyan, John Manda and Holta Trandafili from World Vision on a panel session at the MERL (Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning) Tech conference in Washington DC (September 7-8, 2017) to discuss the participatory approach used to design and create the Gender Based Violence Information System (GBVIMS). World Vision provides extensive support to promote gender equality and eliminate gender based violence and they lead the largest initiate to provide services to victims of gender based violence in Zambia.

Project Balance was the technology provider for the development and implementation of the GBVIMS system. A paper-based/Excel data capture system has been in use for over 2 years where data has been collected, collated and used for decision support. The distributed web-based system went live August 8th, 2017.