About Ed Robinson

Ed Robinson is an information systems professional with 25 years experience in the industry and 15 years experience in international development. He spends his work day designing secure systems for data collection, analysis and information use in healthcare, education and social services sectors among others. An avid hacker for good, Ed spends his spare time building widgets, tinkering in the garage and disassembling things labelled 'no user serviceable parts inside'.

An introduction to securing your remote workforce using FOSS

With working from home becoming the norm for some, more and more networks are being exposed to the outside world to allow employees to work remotely. This introduces a number of risks, not the least to ensure that your sensitive systems and data are not sitting ducks for cyber criminals.

At Project Balance, we work […]

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Gone ph1$h1ng!

This morning I was greeted by a curious message in my Outlook inbox. My spidey sense immediately smelled a rat as I had never seen style of phishing attempt before. I initially opened it on my phone and couldn’t make out the headers to see if there was anything phishy so I opened it on […]

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