We have a unique ability to successfully execute projects. Our adaptive project management techniques, based on the Project Management Institute’s best practices, provides the foundation for project planning and tracking.
Project start-up lays the foundation for building a successful project. Our staff have significant expertise in providing project management for project start-up during the initial 6 months. We work with organizations to 1) conduct project office set up, 2) recruitment of key personnel through scenario-based interviewing techniques, 3) review of regulatory requirements in collaboration with organizations legal department, and 5) support meeting the first 90-day contract requirements including development of work plan, M&E plan, marketing guide, etc. For each project, we develop performance metrics for start-up and monitor activities on a weekly basis. Project Balance handles the details of project start up and allows your organization to focus on key decisions.

Organizations may need support with project close out as key staff have move onto new projects or offices are closing. Project Balance can provide short-term on-site assistance to manage project close out across program, financial and administrative areas. Our goal is to ensure your organization meets contract and donor requirements for close out. In cases where project documentation has not been filed adequately, Project Balance will help to archive deliverables and project reports. Project Balance has significant financial management experience and can help review and monitor project expenditures, set expense cut off dates, and ensure timely delivery of key financial close out reports.

Project Balance is known for our ability to successfully execute projects. Our adaptive project management techniques, based on the Project Management Institute‚Äôs best practices, provides the foundation for project planning and tracking. We excel at communication management, risk management and mitigation and scheduling. We believe that an agile approach to project management is extremely important and we work closely with clients to adjust project deliverables to changing priorities and focus on activities that provide the highest business value early in a project’s life cycle. We believe that project documentation is important for optimal communication and strive to provide the right level of project documentation for the size of the project.

Project Balance project managers are Project Management Professional (PMP), Scrum Master, and Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) certified trained in both traditional project management practices as well as agile project management techniques.

Project Balance believes that all software tools, data capture applications, websites and dashboards should be considered assets in the form of products. As such, these assets have a defined user base with specific goals. We help our clients think through the look and feel, branding, usability, marketing and distribution of these products as part of our projects. These activities may be integrated as part of the project requirements or result in a separate product management plan.

Project Balance provides creative resources to develop branding such as logos and banner graphics. We also offer clients with written website content and marketing materials as requested.

Project Balance excels at software development and it is central to almost every project in our portfolio. The key to the success of our software development work is including our clients in project decision-making throughout the project starting from requirements gathering through to end user training. This approach ensures long-term sustainability and maintenance of the application. We know that communication with clients about project status, deliverables and challenges through schedule documentation and mid-project demonstrations is essential for establishing a team oriented and innovative environment for optimal productivity.

Agile Approach
For all of our projects, Project Balance follows agile software development principles that emphasize close communication and collaboration with the client, demonstrable software at each phase, and responding to change to optimize business value. For single software tool development we gather all of the requirements upfront and then split up the development into discrete iterations with demonstrable deliverables. For ongoing projects that may span several years, we plan for a 4-6 month development horizon with periodic product updates/deployments.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance
At Project Balance, we are passionate about product quality. We work hard to design the product to be intuitive to use and make sure that data captured and displayed in an application is accurate. Even in the smallest of projects we have a test plan and unit test the software before we release it to the client. Because we demonstrate the in-progress software during the software development phase, clients see the product early and have the opportunity to point out issues early reducing or eliminating rework.