Develop curriculum and user guides that have deep impact and engage your users. Facilitate with purpose through interactive, hands-on learning approaches.
Project Balance staff help clients plan, organize and execute program and company workshops, including executive meetings, departmental planning meetings and requirements gathering exercises. Pre-workshop/meeting planning, together with the client we look at the goals of the meeting and plan interactive individual and group activities that step-by-step leads towards the end goal or decision. We facilitate the workshop/meeting so that client stakeholders can fully participate without worrying about stakeholder participation, meeting timing/pace or output documentation. Our approach is to have all team members be fully engaged and thinking creatively throughout the workshop.
Electronic tool implementation within an organization or a community generally requires a learning or educational component. Project Balance has experience developing training courses that not only show users how to use the tools but also the underlying benefit of using the tool. Our courses may include individual exercises and group activities as well as quizzes to show the student’s level of understanding. We try to create scenario-driven courses that apply directly to the student’s role.

Every software product that Project Balance develops includes a user guide and installation guide. Where appropriate we may also include graph or dashboard interpretation to help users glean as much information as possible from data visualizations. We are good at organizing documentation and use tools that can produce guides in various formats so guides can be repurposed for different environments. Our tools allow for multi-language capability.