Project Balance assists clients to use data more effectively through data visualizations that help to analyze and present information. We have experience developing both static and interactive visualizations across multiple mediums including: dashboard, graphs, videos, maps, infographics, and reports. Our visualizations break down data into digestible information and build a story so that users can gain a full understanding for evidence-based decision making. Project Balance recommends that visualizations provide business driven alerts that result in actions to improve outcomes or program results.
  • Visualizations are dependent on high quality data
  • Visualizations lead to action
  • Visualizations should improve access to information
  • Visualizations present complex data in a comprehensible format

Infoveave Community Edition is a web-based data visualization dashboard tool that allows users to explore large data sets through graphs and charts. This freely available, Open Source application can be configured with your data set, measures and filters so that users can easily slice and disaggregate data in graphs. Pre-defined dashboard pages can be set up for all users allowing individuals to create their own pages. Infoveave CE provides fast display of complex data, greatly enhancing the potential use of data for program monitoring, evaluation, and decision-making.  Find out more…