In collaboration, Project Balance, ICAP-Columbia University and Noesys Software were motivated to build an open-source data warehouse visualization tool for the international development community so that it could easily display graphs and charts that can be sliced and filtered for program and facility decision making. As large data sets become available for healthcare and agriculture programs, the need for simple approaches for analyzing and understanding the nuances within the data has grown. Software with these kinds of powerful capabilities is expensive in the current marketplace and requires specialized training to use. Infoveave Community Edition is freely available on Github and was built using all open source components.

Infoveave CE is a highly interactive open source dashboard where graphs are configured and combined to provide a full picture of large datasets. This tool extends the reach of open source visualizations and can be adapted by organizations with electronic patient-level or other large databases. Designed keeping both novice and experienced users in mind, Infoveave CE creates an opportunity for end-users to manage their own analytics needs. From an array of UI widgets built to support “visual discovery” to the ability to drill down to actual data points causing anomalies, Infoveave CE is a “must have” tool for program monitoring and evaluation and ensures actionable insights. Get Back to site…