Our philosophy is to keep it simple and stay flexible.

Serious About Success

Everything we do and the way we do it is designed to ensure the stability of your project and help you win.

At Project Balance, we believe the art of successful project management lies in balancing the multitude of moving parts that comprise each project. At the heart of this balance is a sound foundation and a toolkit of industry-proven tools and techniques.

The Agile Approach

You have to know where you’re heading to get there.

The methodology is a customer-centric way of doing business rather than simply a process to be followed. At Project Balance we take this methodology seriously. The end product is better; our clients are engagedĀ and our development team is happier.

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The Project Balance Foundation & Toolkit


  • Build client confidence
  • Build relationships & trust
  • Manage risk
  • Establish metrics
  • Manage expectation


  • Listen to our clients closely and understand their business needs
  • Communicate regularly, informally and formally, including mid-project reviews
  • Use an iterative approach with discrete deliverables that build toward the end product
  • Start with small projects
  • Determine critical success factors and agree on project metrics at the outset

What We Do & How We Do It