About Project Balance

Project Balance is a boutique product development consulting company focused on strategy and execution. We help companies and government departments figure out what they need and how to get there. Then we do it.

Our success is founded on our responsive and collaborative approach to communication, our extensive experience in risk management, and our commitment to integrating the customer into all stages of the product development lifecycle.

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What drives us?

To enable organizations through agile project management, development of strategic programs, innovative system design and flawless execution. We drive successful outcomes because we’re passionate about evidence based results and the accomplishments of our customers.
  • Woman owned consulting practice started in 2003
  • Alignment with small and medium sized companies
  • Focus on program, project and product management
  • Focus on software development
  • International and off-shore expertise
I have worked with Project Balance for over 7 years and their project management, business analysis and testing expertise have helped us to grow and expand our business. Project Balance has supported us to develop and implement various informatics applications in 10 countries, across multiple projects and working with a diverse development team. When we have a critical deadline or major enhancement we rely on Project Balance to support our teams to complete the activity successfully.
Bobby Jefferson, Director Informatics, Futures Group International, Washington DC

Meet Our Management Team

Stacey Berlow
Stacey BerlowManaging Partner
Stacey founded Project Balance in 2003 and has helped companies successfully and cost-effectively realize their business goals in the United States, China, and Africa. Stacey is certified in project management by the PMI Institute and agile development by the Scrum Alliance, and holds Engineering and Operations Research Master Degrees from Cornell and Columbia Universities. She has published a broad array of articles on product and project development and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and other engagements.
Lanette Burrows
Lanette BurrowsManaging Partner
Lanette joined Project Balance in 2013, bringing over 15 years of experience including approximately 3 years of overseas in-country experience. She is a PMP credentialed Project Director and provides leadership in program development and management, information, communication and technology, public health, and organizational support to international USG-funded programs and private companies. Manages projects ranging from small, short-term activities to multi-million, multi-country projects. Lanette provides technical leadership in monitoring and evaluation, informatics, and project management.